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What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the use of water for therapeutic reasons, and has been carried out for hundreds of years relieving discomfort and promoting physical wellbeing. The unique properties of water, such as buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure, combined with warmth, create a perfect environment to rehabilitate, exercise and relax.

Research has shown that underwater treadmill therapy can speed muscle strengthening and improve joint range of motion. Water provides an excellent therapeutic environment for both exercise and rehabilitation and has numerous advantages over land-based exercise.

Get your pet back on track faster with hydrotherapy!

Underwater Treadmill

Unlike taking your dog to the beach or a lake for hydrotherapy, the underwater treadmill is a controlled environment.

We can view and monitor how well your pet’s limbs are moving and functioning in the water, and important parameters such as temperature, speed and water quality are tailored to each animal's unique and individual requirements.

Our mission is to help your pet feel great and be as functional as possible, to live a quality life.

We endeavour to meet you and your pet’s goals in conjunction with your veterinarian. We assist with recovery from surgery, retrain/strengthen muscles and gait patterns, post-neurological issues, weight loss, conditioning and fitness.

The weightlessness the animal feels when under water is stress-free, gentle and a zero-impact exercise environment.  It relieves tension in the limbs, supporting aching muscles and easing the movement as opposed to when on land.

Plus, hydrotherapy stimulates the release of endorphins, acting as a natural pain reliever, promoting relaxation which will further reduce muscle stiffness.

It’s a great environment allowing exercise for elderly or disabled patients too!

Being immersed in warm water raises the body temperature, increasing blood flow function and circulation. The improved circulation will in turn help to heal injured tissues and rehabilitate damaged muscles or joints pre- and post-operative conditioning and after any kind of orthopedic surgery.

More benefits include:

• Improved post-operative care

• Return to functional activities in less time post rehabilitation

• Improved weight-bearing

• Restoration, accelerated growth and strength of muscles

• Increased range of movement of limbs

• Joint mobilisation and flexibility

• Weight loss

• Increased balance and coordination

• Reduction of pain and swelling

• Improved cardiovascular fitness, endurance and stamina

• Improved recovery time after injury

• Improved mental and physical fitness while exercise on land is restricted

• Prevention of land injuries

Research has shown that hydrotherapy can speed up recovery during the rehabilitation phase as opposed to just land exercise. It is complementary to, and therefore does not replace veterinary care.

Please have your vet complete and sign the vet referral form.

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